Wizard Jammers – Round 2

Okay, so after reading a lot about game design, I found myself reworking Wizard Jammers from the ground up. I’ve really tried to apply some of the power of C# to the actual project, using the bizarre abstractions only possible when designing data structures that will only exist as tangible instances once the game starts running. That’s a thing to wrap your head around, as I’ve been quick to discover.

Wizard Jammers is going to be a character-based pong inspired two player arcade versus game. The idea is to make some absurd wizards that hit an orb back and forth in an effort to score points or murder each other to obtain victory. The intent is to make something fast paced, frantic, fun, and not entirely fair. Well, actually, the intent is to test my C# and Unity knowledge, but whatever. After this, I have a couple of projects in the pipeline that I’m jotting down ideas on and will start to work on. For now, enjoy a list of possible wizards in the game:

Radagast the Swol: Muscle Wizard. He uses his Buff Spell to reduce damage and prevent knockback.

Scarlet the Hot: Fire Wizard. She creates Fire Walls to prevent the orb from hitting the wall.

Time Wizard, Ninja Wizard, Necromancer Wizard, and Sword Wizard (not really a Wizard).

Will it be amazing? Will it be terrible? I guess we’ll have to see (pro tip: the art will likely be terrible).

Game Programming Patterns

I’ve been reading a lot of non-fiction lately, and I’m really on the fence if that’s a good thing or a bad. I miss my time with worlds of fantasy unlocked by reading (don’t worry, I’ve been sneaking in time for games and game dev, so I’m not far from worlds of fantasy at all), but the ceaseless learning is pretty hard to argue with. One of the books that has far and away caught my attention is Game Programming Patterns. If you just like videogames, this might not be a read for you, but if you want to create them, this is an absolute essential.

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Digesting Game Reviews

More than the high cost of games (and clothes for my growing daughter), my limited time to play games prohibits me from buying everything under the sun. As a result, I put high value into the information I can get out of game reviews. But it’s not enough to just look up a score – you need to properly break down a game review and figure out what it’s actually telling you.

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Monster Hunter X

While in Japan I was lucky enough (read: my wife was kind enough) to get my hands on a copy of Monster Hunter Cross. For fans of the series, this game represents something of a massive refinement of everything that’s come before (as well as a load of new features). For newcomers, it’s another excellent and friendly chance to finally hop in (though why everyone isn’t already playing is something of a mystery to me). Though I have pretty much no Japanese under my belt, this isn’t my first time playing a Monster Hunter game in Japanese, and it’s even better than last time.

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Mario 64 and Pure Mechanical Fun

Recently, I’ve had a real thing about games that are just damn fun to play. Dark Souls 2 (well, if I’m p,aging it fast and loose while dual wielding), Metroid 2 (don’t judge me), and of course, all the 3D Mario games (64, Sunshine, Galaxy, etc). There is a pure fun that comes about from interacting with really well designed mechanics that I just can’t get out of my usual go to (if you’re curious – it’s RPGs with simple, repetitive systems that can be executed with or without full attention (see also Pokemon and anything old)). With the rise of story being important in games, perhaps we should take a look at something that moved in the opposite direction – a series of totally unrealistic worlds trapped in paintings that were just incredible fun to move through.

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Playing Games Correctly – Maximizing Your Enjoyment

The topic of playing games correctly recently came up on Idle Weekend (definitely in my top three gaming podcasts, alongside Retronauts and Insert Credit), and it’s nothing if not an interesting topic. Is there a right way to play a game? The easy answer is “sure,” there is a way to enjoy the game as much as possible. The actual answer is a bit more complicated.
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How I Game – Stamina Means Stop

I really want to enjoy games that are “free.” I mean, wouldn’t a life where my primary hobby is playing games be better if I was playing games that were free? Unfortunately, free games have other costs, so much so that as soon as I see “free to play” mechanics I delete whatever I just downloaded. Why do these mechanics fall so short? You can bet I’m going to go on and on about it.

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Making Things – Part 2

Okay, so I’ve been less busy than I’d like on coding, and more than I’d like with life in general. That being said, I’ve built this prototype twice, and I’m hoping the current iteration is the one that I’ll turn into something awesome. Another post soon about what it actually is, but for now, here’s the thing: WJ Prototype