RPG Musings – 80 Hours of Content

It’s important to note that I was once a high schooler, but it’s been a long time since that was the case. I also played through Xenogears just earlier this year (and most of Xenoblade Chronicles, but I’ll keep my feelings on its brand of time wasting until later in this musing) even though I have a daughter now and am certainly no longer in high school. I’ve lived on both sides of the fence: time is ripe to waste, and time is a precious commodity I can’t afford to waste. Not every game needs to be eighty hours, and if it’s talking up the eighty hours on the box, odds are painfully high that half as many hours would be a much better experience.

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Table Tactics – Lore – Career Days

The careers, how they fit in the setting, and how the career day posts are going to work.

Since Table Tactics is a pen and paper RPG in addition to a tabletop battle simulation game, the classes needed to be a part of the setting rather than just┬ásets of skills you can assign to a character. The career system seeks to pull in the best of both worlds – sensible classes of game skills and sets of skills that a person would learn/be taught to help them in a certain field. The careers of Table Tactics are fields of education, formal or informal, that define a character’s abilities both in story and mechanical terms.

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RPG Musings – Final Dungeon Syndrome

Why do I always stop? It’s definitely some sort of condition. I love RPGs, and I hate to see them end. Well, that was the case when I could sink 100+ hours into a single game, I’m not as sure I’d feel the same way if I ever had time for an RPG now. You know, before I sat down to write this, I thought of final dungeon syndrome (hereon FDS) as a thing I still had. Now, I think it might be First dungeon syndrome – just the hurdle of starting an RPG and slogging through the first tutorial dungeon is usually enough to get me to put it back down.

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