Emerald City Comic Con 2015

This was an incredible ECCC. In the past, I’ve made the mistake of trying to half-ass projects at the last minute. This year, I went in knowing I didn’t have anything ready to put on our table, and instead attended a large number of panels to help me learn how to be ready for next year (and more importantly, what to do and how to develop myself and my ideas between now and next year). I had a chance to learn from some of the best, and  I took meticulous notes so that the lessons won’t be lost forever.

It’s worth noting, I was there as a spiritual part of Hedge Haus. Like I said, I came to terms with the fact that I didn’t have anything ready to go this year. Our table was surrounded by some excellent people. Next to us was Fiendish Thingy Art, some very lovely people and excellent artists. Across from us was the wonderful Timid Cryptid, who I’ve seen for the last few years and just finally bought something from and talked to. I certainly should have done that sooner. And a last mention should be made to Boum and her fantastic comics. If you haven’t read them (or heard of them, as I sadly hadn’t before this weekend), go check them out.

Tomorrow, I’ll put up a link to my typed up notes, but for today, I figured I would buckle down and get some sort of post up here. I’ll make sure to talk about the panelists in tomorrow’s post. More on things tomorrow, it’s time to type notes.

Another Hero

So, I’m still working on Table Tactics (and being terrible about posting on this site), but all of my game making attention has been drawn to Another Hero. It’s a game that my friend Dylan and I are developing. Inspired by a variety of things (including such far ranging things as Dark Souls, Exalted, and Polaris), it seeks to capture a desolate setting where Heroes can perform great feats, but only at risk of becoming great monsters. So, I’ll talk about the various aspects of it a bit more as time goes on, but here’s my unedited slapdash alpha information: LINK