FFIX Analysis Part 18 – To Burmecia

Last time on Final Fantasy IX Analysis, we ran through Gizamaluke’s Grotto. Confession time, I played the entire area, wrote the entire article, and at the end finally had a feeling that I was spelling Gizamaluke wrong. I was. It was before I posted it, but pretty embarrassing all the same. One of those silly “I thought it was pronounced this way” sort of things that didn’t go away in spite of trying to pay extra attention to the game. At least my subconscious soaked it up.

Anyways, this time, we’re taking a quick sidestep to Dagger and Steiner, then back on to Burmecia. Even at this point the game is bouncing between serious and near-comedic sidestory. On to the realm of eternal rain.

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Bare Bones – Multiplayer Versus Dream Game

There are a lot of games I would really love to play. Unfortunately, plenty of them don’t exist yet. In the same way that conjecturing about possible magic systems felt like some of the best writing I’ve done in ages (if only because it’s productive instead of critical or referential), this is going to be some fun stuff to outline.

I’m going to describe a mish-mash of mechanics that I’d love to see, making up a game that I’d love to play. These are going to be very bare bones descriptions – I’m not outlining an entire game start to finish. This time, I’m going to examine the skeleton of my ideal multiplayer versus game.

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FFIX Analysis Part 17 – The Grotto

Last time on FF9 Analysis we wrapped up Lindblum and took a look at the surrounding areas (namely the Qu Swamp and the Chocobo Forest). We discovered some minigames and put off finally advancing things by entering into Gizmaluke’s Grotto.

The fun is over, and it’s time for the story to march on once again. This time, we’ll make it through the Grotto and meet Master Gizamaluke. It’s a short dungeon, but with a lot of personality (that seems to be a common thread in this game).

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FFIX Analysis Part 16 – Through the Spyglass

FF9A Part 16 – Through the Spyglass

Last time on FF9 Analysis we fought our way through the Festival of the Hunt (a strange town turned dungeon scenario) and got drugged. Now, it’s time to head out towards Burmecia and the runaway Dagger. Well, it would be, but that’s not entirely how I play the game.

This time, we wrap up things in Lindblum, head through the valley, check out a marsh, a forest, and at long last arrive at Gizamaluke’s Grotto. Be prepared for yet another off kilter entry before we finally dive back into proper progression.

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Horror in Games – Part 1

Horror in games is not a simple concept. Sure, there’s jump scares, but anyone that can produce a loud noise and have something suddenly appear on screen is able to create a jump scare. Games have an advantage over other media in that they can immerse you in a world with mechanics that govern how things function, ambience and atmosphere that surround you as part of the setting, and a story that can shape the way you perceive everything you see.

I like things that deeply disturb me, so I’ll do my best to break down what aspects of a game make that happen.

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No Sleep News – 9/9/15 (No Sleep 4 Gamers)

No Sleep 4 Gamers is apparently down right now. I’m keeping the blog alive by posting this here. I’ll move it over and add images/links as soon as it comes back up. Until then, the news as normal is below:

This week marks a couple important anniversaries, some interesting info about games on iOS coming to light, and yet another game breaking bug in an open world game. There’s also a bit about game piracy in the early 2000s, and an excellent podcast.

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FFIX Analysis Part 15 – The Hunt

Last time on FF9 Analysis, we finished our tour of Lindblum and got ready for the Festival of the Hunt. It’s a good thing we got familiar with the layout of the city, since the Festival turns previously safe zones into something between a dungeon and a minigame.

This entry will take us up through the Festival, the aftermath, and the final preparations before leaving Lindblum (didn’t think we were staying here forever, did you?).

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