Making Things – Part 2

Okay, so I’ve been less busy than I’d like on coding, and more than I’d like with life in general. That being said, I’ve built this prototype twice, and I’m hoping the current iteration is the one that I’ll turn into something awesome. Another post soon about what it actually is, but for now, here’s the thing: WJ Prototype

Making Things – Part 1

Alright, if anyone exists out there that actually reads this, you’re likely aware that I’m very into video games. From looking at the incredible amount of systems conjecture and ideas, you’ve likely guessed that I intend to make games (or at least dream of it). So, instead of plugging away at FFIX (though I will be coming back to that because I love that game and the world that it presents), I’ve been dumping a ton of time into learning Unity, C#, and (to a much lesser extent as a hobby kinda thing) asm for the 6502.

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