Another Hero – Alignments

Time to talk a little bit about Another Hero, and the covenants with powerful entities known as Alignments. 

In the initial imagining of Another Hero, Alignments were entirely optional. They were meant to be a secondary aspect to the character, providing a chance to have additional Tempers (then called traits) at the cost of additional Codes. The benefit of keeping them optional was that players could design any sort of Hero they liked, without being constrained to certain categories. Unfortunately, this meant that it was hard for players to create their Hero – too much freedom lead to difficulty making decisions.

When I decided to make Alignments required, scaling back the regulations (Codes) and up the advantages (Tempers) became vital. Codes are already such a powerful force in Another Hero, starting with three was just too brutal, even for the intentionally desolate setting. In addition to making life easier on players (especially people newer to role playing games), this gave the entities that each Alignment stems from a solid place in the setting (before, the entities were simply being “followed,” now they are actively out in the world creating more Heroes).

The Alignments are nearly identical to the original super-rough draft, but here’s the quick one-sentence summaries from the upcoming new version of Another Hero:

Homeland Heroes: Servants of the citizens of their home. They protect their people and drive away threats.
Relic Guardians: Watchers of the powerful Relics left behind by Heroes that have lost their Resolve.
Covenant of Doctors: Those that fight Demons at the source – they help other Heroes avoid succumbing to the Plague.
Brotherhood of Contentment: Those that work to eliminate both Heroes and Demons, returning the world to a safer time.
Slayers: Hunters and killers of Demons, no matter the cost or collateral.
Plaguebound: The Heroes that seek to become Demons, breaking the bonds of their Codes.

That’s it for today. Stay tuned for more.

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