Bare Bones – RPG Magic Systems – Part 2

In an effort to be constructive rather than just critical, I’m dreaming up some alternatives to the standard “list of spells (gained by level up or purchase) that you can cast with MP” magic system that forms the standard for RPGs. If you want to read the prior system, check out part 1 (I’ll maybe post a link here someday). Okay, time for another magic system.

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Bare Bones – RPG Magic Systems – Part 1

It should be plain as day at this point that I really love RPGs (particularly JPRGs, but what I’m about to say is pretty applicable to the entire genre). There’s sadly little variety in the magic systems available in RPGs. This is confusing to me, as magic (or ESP, bionics, or whatever other name you want to use for the magic) is a huge part of the combat in RPGs (and a vital aspect of making said combat interesting).

I tend to use this blog as a place to either analyze, talk, or critique. Rather than those things, I’m going to imagine. Over the course of a few posts, I’m going to look at some potential magic systems that could introduce some fun variety.

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FFIX Analysis Part 21 – Now Live!

Okay, I’ve been thinking a lot about how I can change up the way I’m performing this analysis series. The number one answer was to mash up my analysis with a let’s play. I think it worked out okay, but I don’t want to just rely on recording myself yammering aimlessly. Next week I’ll be writing up an analysis of part 21 (it’ll be similar to the video, but a bit more condensed) and recording another part of the analysis. For now, though, check out the analysis here:

FFIX Analysis Part 20 – Disc Change

Last time on FFIX Analysis we came up to the end of disc 1. The gang made it through Burmecia and encountered a new villain: the oddly dressed Kuja. Seriously, I have no idea what’s happening with that outfit. This fellow is providing Black Mages to Alexandria and watching them murder innocents. Certainly a mad-scientist Hojo meets Sephiroth with a touch of Kefka. In fact I wonder if there’s some phonetic intention with Kefka + Hojo = Kuja. Probably not. Let’s move on.

This will be a shorter one. Just a quick jaunt with Dagger and Steiner, and then perhaps a surprise for next time. We’ll see.

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RPG Musings – 90s RPGs

Okay, now it’s time for me to nostalgia, hard. This isn’t for a single game, though. It’s for an era that came and went. Riding high on the insane success of Final Fantasy 7, the world of RPGs became a powerful force in gaming. So, as any sane company would do, everyone started making RPGs. Sure, lots of people had been doing that already (I mean, it was the seventh Final Fantasy, after all, and they’re hardly the only RPG series that had been running from before the PlayStation), but FF7 brought RPGs to global attention. For a little while, it was a very different gaming scene. A better one? Eh, I’ll just hammer out a bunch of rose-tinted text and let you decide for yourself (spoilers: it was better).

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FFIX Analysis Part 19 – First Disc Final Boss

Last time on FFIX Analysis, we started our journey into Burmecia, and caught up with Steiner and Dagger on their way back to Alexandria. Really, not a lot happened beyond establishing that we’re moving into a more dangerous part of the game. In fact, things with Burmecia have been teased/highlighted for a bit, so it seems like it might be time for them to be resolved.

This time we’re going to wrap up Burmecia and get a preview of what else the story has in store. End of Disc one, coming up.

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FFIX Analysis Part 18 – To Burmecia

Last time on Final Fantasy IX Analysis, we ran through Gizamaluke’s Grotto. Confession time, I played the entire area, wrote the entire article, and at the end finally had a feeling that I was spelling Gizamaluke wrong. I was. It was before I posted it, but pretty embarrassing all the same. One of those silly “I thought it was pronounced this way” sort of things that didn’t go away in spite of trying to pay extra attention to the game. At least my subconscious soaked it up.

Anyways, this time, we’re taking a quick sidestep to Dagger and Steiner, then back on to Burmecia. Even at this point the game is bouncing between serious and near-comedic sidestory. On to the realm of eternal rain.

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FFIX Analysis Part 17 – The Grotto

Last time on FF9 Analysis we wrapped up Lindblum and took a look at the surrounding areas (namely the Qu Swamp and the Chocobo Forest). We discovered some minigames and put off finally advancing things by entering into Gizmaluke’s Grotto.

The fun is over, and it’s time for the story to march on once again. This time, we’ll make it through the Grotto and meet Master Gizamaluke. It’s a short dungeon, but with a lot of personality (that seems to be a common thread in this game).

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