First post – weeee!

Oh Gamergate. How is it that you have managed to convince me to finally get off my rear and start doing things on the internet? All the wonderful, impressive, and excellent things out there, and a bunch of people shouting lots of hateful garbage while pretending to care about journalistic integrity is what gets me going. You know what, that’s more than enough about that mess.

For ages I’ve been false starting on all sorts of projects I want to do. Maybe this is another one. Even if I do keep things going, this site is likely to be an incoherent mess of my opinions on insanely random things – many of which only I care about. That’s okay. I like taking about things I care about, and unlike face to face communications, you’re not forced to listen.

I lied earlier. Lets talk about Gamergate. Gamersgate? I don’t know. I’m not going to look it up. Sorry. I’m not really sorry, and I’m sorry for that. Maybe. Ethics in journalism is worth talking about, so I’ll focus on that instead of the crazed anti-feminist rants being posted on Standard journalism already has that angle well covered (but oddly, games journalism is staying out of a games journalism related issue).

I’m going to say this much – it’s the right of creators and journalists alike to live personal lives. Journalists will have a bias, and that’s okay. You want neutral journalism? It can’t exist. What you should want is biases to be known and public, so that you can incorporate them into your digestion of the journalism. All of you people out there that want ethical games journalism: make it happen. Listen to Jimmy Wales and form a real organization. But give up on the gamergate thing – that ship has sailed, hit an iceberg, and sank to the bottom.

Next time: something fun. Maybe I’ll talk about my confused feelings regarding rpg mechanics. Maybe I’ll talk about stuff I’m working on. Stay tuned space cowboy.