Table Tactics – Lore – Career Days

The careers, how they fit in the setting, and how the career day posts are going to work.

Since Table Tactics is a pen and paper RPG in addition to a tabletop battle simulation game, the classes needed to be a part of the setting rather than just┬ásets of skills you can assign to a character. The career system seeks to pull in the best of both worlds – sensible classes of game skills and sets of skills that a person would learn/be taught to help them in a certain field. The careers of Table Tactics are fields of education, formal or informal, that define a character’s abilities both in story and mechanical terms.

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Table Tactics – Developing the World

When it first became clear that Table Tactics was going to be something beyond a FF Tactics clone, my first thought was “How can I justify tons of conflict without coming up with an insane number of specific issues or potential reasons to fight?” Really, that thought was the first cause that drove the entire setting creation. I’d like to think I’ve come quite a ways from that, but maybe I’m just blowing smoke.

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