ECCC – Panel Notes cont’d

It’s a slow process, but I’m typing up the notes bit by bit. One or two panels a night, and I’ll get there eventually. It’s nice going through the notes and typing them up – I’m experiencing the panels all over again as I go. It’s helping me to really absorb and internalize the things I learned during ECCC.

Using those ECCC lessons, I’m slowly working on a (very) short Exalted fic, which will be posted here as soon as it’s finished. And then I’ll write something else, but who knows what.

Another Hero is one good writing day away from being in its third alpha iteration. Soon as it’s done, it’ll be up here and I’ll be seeking out playtesters to see how well it works. Once it’s to that stage, I want to have a few games run and get some feedback before I tinker with it, so it’ll be time to start prototyping something else. I’ve got a couple ideas, so it’ll come down to whichever one gets formed enough to play a little with first.

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