PAX Exhaustion

Another PAX Prime has come and gone. What does that mean for this site? Well, actually, not a whole lot.

Unfortunately, as you can already tell, there’s no FF9 Analysis for this week. PAX Prime was a busy event, so I’m sadly behind on playing and writing about FF9. That should be back on schedule next Monday. Sorry, the intent was always to have a backlog, and I’m not quite there yet. So, don’t worry, back to our usually scheduled programming soon enough.

As a result of an interesting conversation at PAX, I’m going to work on a think piece about conventions and games testing. Expect a witty (ish) title and some musings on the benefits and drawbacks of a convention environment and its ability to gather attention and provide feedback for games.

I’m going to work on putting up a project/index page to organize some of my more consistent post types (FF9 Analysis first and foremost, as well as a bunch of game mechanic ideas I have written up but not posted yet). In a similar vein to that, I’m going to be putting some more effort into Another Hero (Dylan was able to do a little testing at PAX), so expect occasional updates to the tester version on the Another Hero page.

Other than that, I don’t want to promise a bunch of stuff I’ll never get around to, so I’m not going to put myself in that position. Hopefully, I’ll get to everything, so look forward to some changes. See you on Thursday for the usual!

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