RPG Musings – Kid Heroes

I used to love that RPGs featured young heroes setting out and going on some epic quest in a world of fantasy and adventure. When I was younger, I wanted nothing more than to be one of those heroes, off learning spells, collecting swords, and fighting weird boss monsters. Oh, how things change.

When I played Final Fantasy 7 I wanted to be Cloud (well, actually Cod, but he shows up so late in the game, and I think that was because I was such an ass – so lets just say Cloud). The last time I picked up 7 and gave it a go (I always burn out once I open up the crater, but my affliction of Final Dungeon Syndrome is a talk for another time) I found myself confused. I not only didn’t feel like I wanted to be Cloud, I couldn’t even begin to identify with him or most of the main cast. I found myself drawn into Barrett and Marlene’s situation, interested by their past and the strong motivation that securing the future of the world for his daughter provided.

I don’t even have a great reason for this – my wife and I were trying, but she wasn’t even pregnant yet. All the same, I just couldn’t compare myself to the obligation free kids running around, I was interested in the old man worrying about his daughter and having to make sure she was taken care of while he did what he had to do.

Maybe it’s the obligations that becoming an adult has saddled me with (bills, a house and all the maintenance that comes with it, a job that I’m not fond of but have to do if I want to get by). Maybe I just can’t relate to the kid heroes anymore.

I spent some time trying to find things that cater to my new tastes. I found the anime Tiger and Bunny, which I have to say, everyone should watch. And that’s about it. Right now, my dream game involves finding the best of both worlds with balancing normal life and fighting to save the world. Persona 3 and 4 made an honest effort, but it still didn’t hit home. I want to be a guy that’s slightly out of shape, working a shitty job, and dealing with an insane alien invasionĀ happening on a Sailor Moon kind of level (a big ultimate threat, but just in the background for now). Is that so much to ask?

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