Table Tactics – Career Day – Soldier

The Soldier (or Warrior, depending on your preferred tabletop/video game terminology) is the backbone of any game. They determine the standard set of powers and rules. They are Street Fighter’s (and all of fighting gamedom) Ryu to so many genres. So lets talk about Soldiers in Table Tactics.

First, how about a touch of lore? Like all of the physical careers, Soldiers have been around since the time of the Old Empire. None of their abilities rely on Aetherstones, and warfare hasn’t changed too significantly over time, so the Soldiers have remained steady for generations. Numerous locations cater to the training of Soldiers, and more than any other career the ranks of Soldiers are filled with the self trained.

The Northern town of Palna is well known for its Soldiers. Unlike most other locations which feature basic training in sword and shield, the Academy at Palna focuses on axe and shield. Like the mountain dwelling barbarians that live further north, the people of Palna prefer axes for the utility as well as combat effectiveness (it is a heavily wooded area, after all). While the survival rate of trainees is a bit lower than the rest of the kingdom (thanks to regular barbarian raids), the graduates come out with more combat experience than anywhere else (thanks to regular barbarian raids).

From a mechanical standpoint, Soldiers are simple and powerful. Their abilities are based around utility and increasing their damage dealing options. There’s some crowd control as well, making Soldiers primary candidates for getting right into the fray and brawling it out. Sure, it’s not a glamorous life, but someone has to do it. To keep it simple, rather than talk about all the future ideas and features, lets talk about the Lite version of Table Tactics and the abilities available for a Soldier there.

Rank 1
Thrown Weapon – Just like it sounds, a basic ranged attack. Opens up options on the approach and gives Soldiers a (admittedly small) chance to fight back against all the ranged options of other careers.
Provoke – Forces an enemy to attack the Soldier temporarily. Great for crowd control and keeping the less beefy careered companions of a Soldier up and fighting.

Rank 2
Stances – These let the Soldier change the default damage to defense ratio. Increase attack and lower defense, or the other way around.

Rank 3
Knockback – Another crowd control maneuver. It doesn’t move the enemy far (just one space back), but still does damage and can help with minor manipulations to line up area of effect attacks by another character.
Wide Slash – Hits an area 3×1 in front of the Soldier, letting them strike multiple foes if they are standing next to each other.

Remember, any given Soldier can only have one ability from each Rank, so which abilities are chosen has a huge impact on how the Soldier functions in battle. That’s all there is this time on Soldiers. Stay tuned for more!