Table Tactics – Lore – Adiposaurus Rex

The Northern Kingdom of Byzantius stretches the width of Thelea, grey stone castles surrounded by thriving towns dot the landscape from one ocean to the next. A vast kingdom needs a powerful ruler (or at least a vast ruler). Old King Rex is just the ruler for such a place.

When he was a young lad, Rex was a lot more spry, though he was never small. An extremely handsome Tuatara, his family line had been renowned for generations for their incredible coloration. Stocky and strong, he was the son of an old royal line, and took the lessons his tutors taught him about kind and wise leadership to heart. Unfortunately, he also took the food his royal cooks prepared to stomach, and his size grew as time went on. All the same, he sought out teachers to train him in every discipline, mental and martial, and his vast size was as much muscle as delicious confections. His mother, Duchess of Voyni ensured that his education was excellent, and his inherent good nature made him the talk of the royal court.

After a long and romantic courtship, he married the princess, and when the old Queen passed, the two of them ascended to the throne. Though they calmed down for a while when the new Queen was pregnant and their child was unhatched, but as soon as their daughter was born they ran off to fight in the border skirmishes once again. In a battle that Byzantius will never forget, the Queen’s army was overrun, and as the King and princess escaped the Queen and her personal guard held back the invaders. The Queen was eventually overcome, but in that battle alone she felled over four dozen Southern fighters.

The death of the Queen poured new fuel on the flame of the Endless War, and the princess was inspired to take up the sword as her mother before her. The King was crushed by the death of his Queen, and decided to end his personal fight. He threw himself fully into the betterment of his kingdom and the care of his populace. Unfortunately, the lack of physical endeavors has taken its toll on the King’s physique, and his vastness increased as his power waned.

The princess, Anais, grew up much like her father before her – a kind soul educated in every available academic study and school of combat. Once she was old enough, she enlisted in the Royal Army, and quickly rose through the ranks. Even as her father secured his legacy as the people’s benefactor, she secured hers as the people’s champion.

Now the King is growing old, and it’s just a matter of time before his daughter takes the throne (it’s a wonder he’s made it this far, the people say. A heart attack should have claimed him years ago). Some are worried that the princess’ warrior heart will spell trouble for Byzantius when she takes power. Others worry that the princess will meet her end on a battlefield before she steps up to the throne. But even those that aren’t worried know they’ll be sad when the kind King passes. They’re not sad now though. It’s almost impossible to be sad while that kind old lizard keeps grinning his head off.

Long live the King! Long Live Adiposaurus Rex!

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