Table Tactics

Table Tactics is a game about isometric grids. Well, sort of. Since it’s a table top game, the grids only look isometric if you look at them from the right angle… But that’s all aside the point.

Table Tactics is really a game about battle. The two great countries on the continent of Thelea, Austellus and Byzantius, have been at war since their founding. Constantly engaged in conflict, ever under threat from the Bone Dice pirates in the West, and endangered by the terrible monsters born of the Mad God’s Blight, few live on Thelea that have known any sort of life of peace. Sounds pretty exciting, amiright?

Table Tactics is meant to bring the fun of tactical console rpgs to the table (get it?), making it possible to create your own battles and tell your own stories.

Be sure to check out any of the posts on the blog tagged as “Table Tactics,” as I’ll occassionally be adding to the lore of the world and including additional details about things already revealed.

The trial version is very much a representation of the game in an early alpha state, but here it is if you’re interested: Table Tactics Trial